August 18, Saturday, 2018– Sta Cruz, Davao Del Sur, Philippines

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A lung busting 5km Vertical Race with 1,000 meters of elevation gain for only 2:30 hours cut-off. This is the first Vertical Kilometer race in Mindanao, Philippines. Race schedule is also the 32nd Kadayawan Festival in Davao City, one of the biggest festive celebrations in Mindanao Philippines.

This race is in partnership and friendly relationship with Philippines Vertical To Sky Mountain Races, LGU Sta Cruz, Davao Del Sur and Malaysia’s world class clothing company, ULTRON International.

This year’s first edition is a dream race and we are sorting out to make this a huge success and hopefully to be part of next year’s Vertical Kilometer World Circuit.

Detail & Course Description

  • Race Venue - at Sitio Loay, Sta Cruz, Davao Del Sur, Philippines. Landmark beside the bridge and Tribal Church along the highway fruitstand before Sta Cruz Bus Terminal. Coordinates: 6°30'38.86"N, 125°24'41.04"E
  • 5km Category Only – 200 Slots (100 International & 100 Local Mountain Runners)
  • Flag-off around 5:30am, finish at 8am - cut-off is only 2 hours and 30 minutes
  • Starting point around 20 meters above sea level (ASL) and finish at Mt. Loay summit around 1,100+ meters ASL
  • Dirt road, single track and some portion is technical
  • Windy and breezy temperature at the summit
  • 360 view at the summit of Mt. Loay
  • We always prepare all natural!
  • Mandatory Gears

  • Hydro pack, water bottle or flask – any size
  • Trekking Pole – not compulsory but advisable
  • Mobile Phone – fully charge with load and RD’s no. +63-9255566692
  • Extra lungs, haha!
  • Entry Fee

  • Local Registrant – P1,000 (PHP)
  • International Athletes – $30 (USD)

  • Note: Registration Ends on July 13, 2018 only

    Send Payment to

    Deposit BPI Savings Account: 2149 1983 53
    Account Name: Romualdo B. Calbes
    Swiftcode: BOPIPHMM
    Branch Address: BPI Bank Matina, Davao City, Philippines, 8000
    Holder Address: Ma-a Davao City, Philippines
    Via Paypal: r.calbes@gmail.com

    Race Director

    Romualdo Calbes
    Mobile: +63-9255566692
    Email Add: verticaltosky@gmail.com
    Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/verticaltosky
    Instagram & Facebook Acc: Doi Calbes
    Website: http://verticaltosky.com/


    1. Email your deposit/payment slip to verticaltosky@gmail.com

    2. We will send you a confirmation email along with your waiver and reference number that you need for the registration form.

    3. Fill out the form completely through the link below and submit.

    Registration Form

    4. You will then receive an email from V2S for the status of your registration within 24 hours.


  • Logistics – hauling, food, fluids, etc.
  • Trail Fees – enhancement, markings, etc.
  • High Quality Ultron Event Tees
  • High Quality Ultron Drawstring Bag
  • High Quality VK Finisher’s Medal
  • Top 3 Podium Finisher’s Trophy (male and female)
  • No finisher shirt!!
  • No cash prize!!
  • Accomodation

  • Just along the highway, near the venue. OIC Ms. Letty +63-9097543395

  • Just along the highway, near the venue. OIC Ms. Mercy +63-9075307415

  • Within Sta Cruz Municipality, OIC Ms. Sita +63-9189624906

  • Around 6kms away from the venue. Contact No. +63-9100176000

    For assistant you may contact Ms. Letlet, Tourism Officer +63-9502680831

    VK Elevation Profile